Solid surface material that can be custom-out to any shape and is commonly used for interior applications such as in commercial, kitchen, cladding, bathroom surfaces and other space projects. It offers exquisite designs potentials with outstanding long lasting performance, used by many commercial environments.

Solid surface is made up from polyester resin, bauxite and other natural materials as a solid surface. If it is damaged, it can be fixed depending on the type of its damage. It is ideal to construct the kitchen tops, table tops, sink, backsplash and more.  It gives the appearance the look of one solid surface. It prevents dirt from getting in the cracks between the different surfaces.

Solid Surface malaysia is easy to clean, non-porous so it is stain-resistant, mold-resistant, mildew-resistant and bacteria-resistant.  Harsh cleaners and chemicals should be avoided to clean the surface.

Because it is made of plastic, Solid surface is not a heat-resistant and it can burn easily beyond restoration. To avoid burn marks, use protective surface between hot pan and countertop such as hotpads. It is asp advisable to run cold water over the hot pan and before placing it on the solid surface.

Solid Surface tops can be availed in number of different styles and patterns. More than 900 colors are available out of which you can choose your most favorite one. The Solid surface designs are almost limitless so matching your application choices is not a problem.  Perfect color and design will complement your kitchen and will make it stand out for sure. After installing Solid surface in your kitchen, you will get the luxury of working in a modernized kitchen.

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